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Hello "CheapSkates" (you lot names this fandom, not us!!") It's Paul, I wanted to give you all an update in a form better, longer and more considered than a 140 character tweet or Facebook post... Even though this blog will be linked to those social media outlets anyway.... ANYWAY.....

I wanted to bring you up to date.

September was a very tough month for Eli and I for various reasons. Those who know Eli and I know what those problems were. They weren't cool. They pretty much broke us both in different, but staggering ways. Although I have no intention of speaking on Eli's behalf and divulging what he went through this month (because he deserves the privacy on that) I can at least tell you that i had a break up from a long relationship, which was incredibly heartbreaking and I'm still dealing with the fall out from that and also not really having a perm job or place of residence... so things are still pretty hectic/messy for me.

This has had a massive effect on our output for CheapShow and we are doing our best to get back on track.

It meant we didn't put out the Patreon podcast last month or send out the packages to those in certain donation brackets who were waiting on them. That is very bad. And we are very sorry... We are hoping to make up for it from November onwards.

To apologise, we are aiming on doing the following...

1) We are putting out a mini episode this month as soon as we possibly can, followed by a Halloween special. It's something that we have been planning, on and off, for years and will hopefully get around to it this month. It's a little different and a bit of a passion project... If not COMPLETELY CheapShow shaped.

We may even cram in a 3rd episode if we can book The Pod again in White City!


For our Patreon Folk, we are going to release 2 exclusive podcasts this month instead of one! One will be sent to EVERYONE who donated, again to apologise and say thanks to those who support us, regardless of donation amount,

The other will be something that harks back to our 50th Episode Special!

It will be a little rough and ready and a sneak peak behind the scenes!


We are going to plan a LIVE SHOW in London for 2018, which could very likely double up with a BARSHENS live show too!


We are going to amend the Patreon rewards slightly, as it's apparent that Eli and I are suffering getting certain things out monthly... and we want to amend that!

The plan is that if you donate over $30, rather than a monthly goody bag, we are going to make it QUARTERLY and turn it into more of a "subscription box"... This means, 4 times a year, those who donate over $30 will get a mini box filled with exclusive Eli Art, random tat, food as well as the things we buy/use on the podcast... SO you may end up with something from the Price of Shite, Cheap Eats, Vinyl Platter or FrothShop segments! Each box will be different, random and hopefully fun. It should also make it more manageable for us to actually do (until numbers grow and then we will have to rethink.. because Eli and I are NOT LootCrate in any way, shape or form :D!! ).

Those who donate over $50 will still receive this box and get to be a guest on the podcast... and probably a semi-recurring guest too!

As I say, we are learning more and more just how tough it is dealing with Patreon (I say "we" but its mostly me that deals with everything... Bloody Eli!!) and we do not want people to feel like we are not treating those who donate appropriately. We just want to make it more manageable for us and more fun for you lot out there who listen, love, support and share... as it means the world to us!

I hope all this makes sense... But as always, if you have questions, or want to reach out, please do! EMAIL:

TWITTER: @thecheapshowpod

Or via the website:

Thanks again you beautiful CheapSkates. Eli and I never thought the podcast would grow like it has, so I don't think we can properly express how happy it makes us and how much we wished we could properly articulate it!

Stay Wonderful Be Excellent To One Another

Paul x

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