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Ep 58: Coke Heads

Has CheapShow crossed the line? You can only find out by listening to episode 58 of the bric-a-brac podcast that YOU adore! It's an episode that may upset, may offend and may make people shake their heads disappointingly! Eli nearly breaks Paul mentally with his revolutionary and innuendo packed "Tales from the Dance Floor". The CheapShow chaps put their taste buds to the test with a range of budget Colas that makes a liar out of Eli. Paul visits the "VHS Bottom Shelf" again with an almost coherent review of "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie". Finally, they play a game that stretches their limited acting skills to an offensive breaking point  with "Accentuate". We apologise in advance!

Sexy Beardy
The Masked Drinker
Classic Coke
New Coke
GPK Movie
Garbage Pail Kids
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