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Ep 103: #NoelWatch

Warning: This episode includes new Noel Edmonds content. Do not say you have not been warned...
Of course we do have other things in the show we'd love you to know about. Like when we sample the lovely edible Japanese treats as given to us at our recent live show... However, people want to know about Noel (Sodding) Edmonds. We'd love to fill you in on some of the weird savoury treats on offer. But Noel has joined the ITV show "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" so now we have to tackle it! There's also a gross Japanese chicken face mask to wear too... And again, that damned infamous "cuddly" UK TV show presenter and "disc jockey" has to drop a bomb on us about his "other female confident".
Will we ever be rid of The Edmonds?

Yuk Moshi Candi
Soft Candies
Poor Pointdexter
Pizza Eraser
Odd Kit Kat
Mini Cherry Gummies
Melon Soda Crisps
More Grape Gummies
Noels Funny Phone Calls (Back)
Moshi Package
Noels Funny Phone Calls (Front)
Mini Mochi
Grape Gummy
Fortune Lid
Cookies and Cream Snacks
Cream Cheese Snacks
Fish Snack
Chicken Mask
Cheese Tube
Collon Snack
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