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Ep 64: A Crinkly Bottom Werewolf in London

It's finally happened... The curse of Noel Edmonds has struck and has dreadful ramification on the whole show! The latest episode of the world's best and probably ONLY trash based comedy podcast returns with all the usual bells and whistles.
Elsewhere, Eli tries to bring back the classic "Price of Shite" format but Paul seems determined to ruin it by pointing out as many flaws in Eli's logic as possible.
There is also a very special edition of "Silverman's Platter" where the CheapShow Chaps dive, track by horrible track, into 1980's light entertainer Russ Abbott's cringe worthy album "I Love A Party". It becomes a feat of stamina. They also uncover one of the most unsettling kid's music singles ever and a random B side about... making a cup of tea?
All this and much much less in Ep 64!!

Warning Sign
Ear Keychain_edited
Crap Shoe_edited
Russ Abbot Album
Basildon Bond Advert_edited
Russ Abbott Album Rear_edited
Music and Sounds_edited
Cuppa Tea_edited
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