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Ep 49: Bum Eggs

Paul & Eli tackle more delightful and demented charity shop finds in an episode carefully entitled "Bum Eggs". Why? Well, why not find out?

It's a bumper edition of the show to tide you over until the forthcoming "epic" 50th edition and the cheap chaps cram in lots of the usual features.
Eli fields a new batch of noodle questions, much to Paul's annoyance... Can you tell the difference between brand and off brand snacks? Eli takes on the challenge to see if Aldi's range of bubbly chocolate and potato hoop snacks stacks up to the genuine article and the results are shockingly surprising... There are more random vinyl singles in Silverman's Platter to listen to, some of which are actually quite good for a change (but not many) and it's Gannon's turn to deliver "The Price of Shite" with one item concealing a horrid, unsettling surprise!
It's more of the usual awesome bouts of tat and chat and, for some reason, Paul is not going to take Eli's crap any more (and Eli isn't particularly bothered)!

CS Fruit Machine
Hula Hoops_edited
Bruno Rap
Sex Change Chicken Vinyl
Space Disco
Creme Eggs
Chuby Checker Fat Boys
The Song/Videos
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