Ep 122: The Ballad of Roy Jay

"Gather round children, for we have something to say
About a strange 80s comedian by the name of Roy Jay.
He released an odd album, with music galore

So why is its content an almighty bore?"
RIGHT, enough rhyming! What else is in the podcast this week?
Well, in an interesting turn of events, Paul and Eli are swapping segments. Eli grabs some random candy for "Silverman's Spoff Shop" and Paul snags some weird vinyl for "Gannon's Gramophone" which takes us on a journey of 80s Double Acts, Saturday Morning TV, disgraced Stand Up comics, rancid sweeties, Madam Lady Plop's Sex Work and a mug that pours out snot.... and yes, another sodding Sauce Report. Happy?? You better be!

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