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Ep 26: Scrapbook of Crap 2: Electric Noodle Doo

It's another Scrapbook of Crap... And this time it's personal!
After Eli took the internet by storm with his very strong opinions about Instant Noodles, it seems only fair he uses the podcast as a platform to answer his fans from the Barshens channel YouTube comments. He is taking over the world. We are very sorry.
Paul & Eli also discover just how well (or not) they know each other when they take a "Mr & Mrs" style quiz, one that reveals a little "too" much!
Finally, as its another scrapbook show, we release from the vaults two clips once deemed too crap to use, but now seem fair game. Why, you ask? Well because we would've had a full episode had Eli turned up to the sodding recording. Thanks to Skype, we get something just as good. Almost. Kinda. Whatever.

Pics & Vids
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