Ep 174: Ruining Marion's Wish

This episode was seemingly cursed! Damaged audio files, lost footage, crashed hard drives, laptop meltdowns. It's almost as though this episode didn't want to exist. Well, it does and now you have to deal with it. We apologise in advance.
This week, Ash Frith (irregular wayward co-host) joins Paul and Eli for more thifty findings and incredible edibles. Eli gets to wrap his taste buds across a selection of sauces, crisps and, most importantly, juicy fat pickles. At least he is enjoying himself as all Ash and Paul can do is listen on in horror.
Finally, we end this week's episode with an experiment. The Cheap Chaps put on their acting hats and attempt a performance of a new piece of writing called "Marion's Wish" (written by Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington and Mark Proksch)...
As you can imagine, between their unrehearsed attempt and Paul's fat stupid mouth, it doesn't go well.
In fact they pretty much ruin it. Sorry.

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