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Ep 104: MallTwats

Join Paul and Eli on a merry adventure as they travel to a part of Eli's childhood... Brent Cross Shopping Centre. What soon begins as a wistful journey soon descends into shouting, arguing in stores and attempting to make the best of a boring situation. However, a chance discovery leads to a very happy ending for Eli whilst Paul sees his worst fears realised. They're on the Road to Brent Cross, why not tag along?

Eli Leaves
Bus Trip to Camden
Boy Bawang
Ice Cream Soda
Glorious Brent Cross
Bus Stop to Home
Buddha Beer
Bond Car Park
Happy Eli in Food Hall
Mango Pudding
River Brent
Lucky Buda Beer
Smash Hits Party 89
Outer Car Park
Lee's Travel
Up Kilburn High Road
The Boys Embark
Inside Brent Cross
A Bit Of Brutilism
Oodles of Noodles
A Pose for the ages
Paul is Bored
Wing Yip Utopia
The Mall Dome
The Boring Plaque
The Other Boring Plaque
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