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Ep 68: The League of Snacks

The episode that nearly wasn't! But we rescued it!
It's been a long time coming, but finally, Paul & Eli begin to put together their long awaited "League of Snacks" has begun to curate it's collection of snacks and crisps for review. It will be the most important thing of all time ever! 
Where will your favourite snack end up ranked?
But before all that, it's the usual CheapShow madness... We have more weird and wonderful Tales from the Shopfloor, Paul challenges Eli to a devious round of The Price of Shite, we cram in an Off Brand/Brand Off and instantly regret buying so much mayonnaise. Finally, Paul opens up the doors to his Froth Shop and treats Eli to a whole host of cheap and cheerful candies... as long as Eli promises to stop creating any more stupid, awful new characters!

Sainsbury Mayo
Basic Mayo
Kielecki Mayo
KewPie Mayo
Hellmans Mayo
Eli Lolli Face
Mouth Lollipop
Ice Cream Lolli
Ice Cream Lolli 2
Ice Cream Lolli 3
Ball Catcher
Ball Catcher 2
Bag of Biccies
Eli's Treasure Map
Cliffhanger Edition
Blind Eli
Blue Tea Light
Green iPhone Thing
Joshua D Pen
Monster Munch Beef
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