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Ep 45: Live & Unleashed... and too bloody early!

It's May so it must be another MCM Live Show on the Vidfest Stage... But never one this early!! 11.30am? As a result, this show is a little more, shall we say, "loose"? Either way, you can look forward to the usual rants and raves from Eli & Paul. Ash Frith delivers more astounded commentary and we are (eventually) joined by comedian and actor Tom Bell, who basically walks into an early morning car crash of a podcast. He ends up being brilliant anyway!
In this episode, we tackle... The regrets of every Edinburgh Fringe Festival performer ever, our anger at the early time slot, the unknown aspects of E-Cigs, early morning boozers, creating your own cheap laugh track, Paul & Eli go heavy on the free phone apps, we get a rather random Price of Shite and Paul creates a convoluted new game... just for the sake of ONE cheap gag! This may be our cheapest show yet!

Group Piccie
Lover Man
Eli and Ash
Massive Turn Out
Paul's DVD Charity Shop Bargains
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