Ep 45: Live & Unleashed... and too bloody early!

It's May so it must be another MCM Live Show on the Vidfest Stage... But never one this early!! 11.30am? As a result, this show is a little more, shall we say, "loose"? Either way, you can look forward to the usual rants and raves from Eli & Paul. Ash Frith delivers more astounded commentary and we are (eventually) joined by comedian and actor Tom Bell, who basically walks into an early morning car crash of a podcast. He ends up being brilliant anyway!
In this episode, we tackle... The regrets of every Edinburgh Fringe Festival performer ever, our anger at the early time slot, the unknown aspects of E-Cigs, early morning boozers, creating your own cheap laugh track, Paul & Eli go heavy on the free phone apps, we get a rather random Price of Shite and Paul creates a convoluted new game... just for the sake of ONE cheap gag! This may be our cheapest show yet!

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