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Ep 77: Hot Mess

Episode 77 is a literal "hot mess"! Not only in terms of what the CheapShow chaps get up to, but also what fair-weather co-host Ash Frith forces down their throats! Eli seems to think Paul's heart's not in it, whereas Paul feels Eli is being too critical. Ash just has to sit there and watch Mummy & Daddy fight. 
It's a packed show, with a tonne of great cheapshow goodness. There is a rather revealing Tales from the Shop Floor, a fizzy and energetic Cheap Eats and we even get to hear about The King of Hay-On-Wye in another edition of CheapShow Storytime.

Finally, Ash forces everyone into the Kitchen of Pickles to reveal his favourite "Vegan Meal" which everyone will regret eating in the morning!
With thanks to 
walterjohnhunt on Reddit for "Eli & The Snoid Boys" and their hit song "Suck Mah Dick"!

Emerge Dual Drink
Carabao Drink
King of Hay On Wye
Making The Dish
Hot Mess
Apparant Dessert
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