Ep 150: Behind The Scandal Special

In celebration of CheapShow's 150th episode, Eli J Silverman proudly presents an Eli J Silverman Production "Behind The Scandal" which reveals the truth behind the events of the recording of their milestone episode. Ash Frith, Paul Rose (Mr Biffo) and Paul Gannon give their thoughts on what transpired on the night of Thurs 10th of October 2019.

In amongst the usual CheapShow larks, the cheap chaps get to role play as themselves in a specially designed game designed by (Unofficial Official CheapShow Magazine designer) Ivenne! Who will win a virtual trawl through a London flea market?

There is trouble in the air as Ash has his designs on Eli, Biffo wants to oust Ash and Paul just wants to make it through the recording... But Eli has something planned. Dare you find out what?

With special guest appearances from Stuart Ashen and Brian Wecht.

Bonus Mini Vid

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