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Ep "69": Sexy Times

It's finally here! The episode you have either craved... or feared... The SEX episode. As you can imagine, the contents of this podcast can be quite blunt and graphic at times, so please listen with that caution ringing in your brain! If you decide to listen, then be prepared to hear about sexual firsts, personal proclivities, shocking revelations and more! Eli and Paul delve into Poundland's brand of sex toys and, in the process, discover something truly shocking when they explore some interesting sex "life hacks". Finally, the gents open up the Inbox and read out YOUR listener CheapShow Slash Fiction... It will arouse, appall and probably make you tear off your ears. Oh, and Ash turns up too (we probably should've told him that we'd changed our meet up plans)! Episode "69" is the long awaited SEX episode. Don't say you weren't warned!

SFW crappy additional sketch
Nooky Range
Nookie Blue Pill
Little Blue Pill
Finger Sex
Finger Fun
Cock Ring
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