Ep 53: Don't Get Mad Strikes Back

You demanded that it returned. You wanted this. After long last, it's back... We are returning to the ugly world of "Don't Get Mad" and this may be the most demented, twisted, hilarious one yet... But don't say we didn't warn you!
In this long awaited episode, Paul & Eli go back to basics with a classic Tales from the Dancefloor (one that manages to break Eli), a revamped "Price of Shite" that goes down very well indeed and a super sour "Cheap Eats" too! It's stuffed with the usual CheapShow madness but with the added volatility of an "angered by toothache" Paul and a "ready to snap" Eli... It's definitely the most CheapShowy CheapShow to date and it may destroy your tiny little minds. Hold On Tight.
CheapShow was recorded at "The Pod" at White City Place.

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