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Ep 72: Spunky Bun

"Can I have a vowel please Carol?"
And with those immortal words, CheapShow dives into another TV show board game classic as the cheap chaps play a round or two of Countdown! One that doesn't go according to someone's very particular plans!
Before all that though, there are many things to enjoy first! Marvel as Paul & Eli discuss the bliss of owning a Generation Game toy! Fear their chat on being a superhero with an erection problem. Howl at the moments where Paul gets to slap his co-host. Buckle up and get ready for more shocking Tales from the Shop Floor... And finally, bow your heads in respect at the altar of The League of Snacks as we add three more snacks to this most sacred of leagues!

Generation Game
Generation Game Insides
Pickled Onion
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