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Ep 101: The "Other" Live One

...It wasn't over! Episode 100 was only part one of the epic CheapShow live experience, prepare thy self for episode 101. It's bigger, shabbier and definitely louder with Eli & Paul playing a bit of Blind Date, Mr Biffo bringing an all new horrific surprise for Paul, Ashens feeling bitterly disappointed with Squid Jerky and Ash... Well, let's just say "Poor Ash" and be done with it. Finally, Paul finally gives in to his destiny and becomes the villain everyone thought he already was!

101 The Platters That Matter
101 Whats That Taste
101 The Bopper
101 Yuck
101 Biffo Ponders
101 A Face Of Regret
101 Super Sour
101 Paul Blisses Out
101 Ash is Handy
101 Boys and their Food
Dusty Bin Song
Mr Bloby Single
100 Setting The Scene
100 Welcome to the Show
100 Naughty Ashens
100 Ash Is Back
100 Bring The Biffo
CS 100 Ash Grimaces
CS 100 Ashens Gaffaws
100 Out Of Breath
CS 100 Hello
CS 100 Ash Laughs
CS 100 Ashens Paul and Eli
CS 101 Pod Logo
What's Biffo Got
The Bill Murray Pub
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