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Ep 47: Paul Gannon's FrothShop

Important Note: In this episode we accidentally give out some actual proper advice! We apologise wholeheartedly and promise never to knowingly do it again!
With that out of the way, why not enjoy another hour of cheap tat, cheap tunes and cheap laughs. In this episode, Eli rummages through more of his weird and wonderful vinyl... Paul tries and fails to create a new exciting feature for cinefiles... Gannon also looks into a collection of off brand candy AS WELL as knockoff BeanBoozled jelly beans called Double Dares! One particular flavour will send shock waves through one of the hosts, but who will it be and what flavour?

Finally, Paul & Eli discover two annoying new sounds that aim to show their smug appreciation of a thought!
Welcome to the FrothShop!

Trailer: Guest House Paradiso
Lieutenant Pigeon: The Villain
The Pipkins: Gimme Dat Ting
Arthur Brown: The Nightmare
The FrothShop Candy!
Soda Blast
Guest House Paradiso DVD
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