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Ep 19: Mr Blobby vs America

It's the return of the CheapShow Chaps with more opinions on the cheap and cheerful as well as the budget and brilliant! This week, Eli and Paul talk about all things America as Eli has just returned from a trip to the good old U S of A!
Eli and Paul tackle Trump, come up with a piss poor revolutionary uprising strategy and look into the murky world of countrfeit dollar bills!
The Cheap Eats selection is taken from some of the finest gas stations, drug stores and Dollar Trees America has to offer. Paul is NOT impressed.
Ash Frith gives us a little insight into the Hollywood MockBuster explosion, covering everything from Transmorphers to RoboPoliceMan.

Finally, we end on the tragic tale of Mr Blobby, his awful music, his American renaissance and go down the "Awful Novelty Hit Single" rabbit hole... You have been warned!

The Videos: Awful Pop Awaits - You Have Been Warned
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