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Ep 20 The Play Your Blankety Cards Right Game Show

Paul & Eli bring their love of Game Shows and Light Entertainment to it's natural conclusion in this very special nostalgic battle royale.

There can be only one winner and losing any rounds will carry horrific consequences!
In our 20th episode spectacular the CheapShow Chaps take on 3 of UK TV's most popular 80's Game Shows. They try to read each other's minds playing Blankety Blank, guess what 100 people thought in Play Your Cards Right and use their bargain hunting skills in a few rounds of The Price of Right.
To the winner, the spoils. To the loser, its a gamble on the infamous Jelly Belly Beanboozled candy. A fate worse than death!
There is also some more Cheap Eats from the USA and a few "commercial breaks" too!
The Economy Comedy Podcast goes all out on giving you a blast from the past!

Advertisement Breaks & Game Show Intros
The Odd Intro to "Price is Right"
Blankety Blank Spoof from Comic Relief
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