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Ep 40 The Bullseye Family No Deal Game Show

It's time, yet again, to pit Eli and Paul against each other for another round of the TV Quiz Show Board Game challenges...
Coming Up on the show today:
6.30pm: Bobby's Mucky Flat (Comedy)
Bobby has ruined Barry's birthday and Vera isn't happy!
7.00pm: CheapShow Special (Game Show)

Eli and Paul take on 3 popular TV game shows: Bullseye, Family Feud and Deal or No Deal, but who will be the victor?

8.30pm: The Review Review

The venerable critics discuss the new edgy play "Horse Teeth"
9pm: The Krypton Factor (Quiz)
Middle Management game show returns

10pm: "The Naughty Nun" (Movie)
Erotic thriller starring Glenda Jackson (1982)
Eat Nosh (Cooking Show)

Gaz Pratt makes more shit food with student!

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