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Ep 262: Grumpy Sessions: The Cream Of Acting

It's our final show for 2021, but we are going out with something a little bit special. Something a little bit different. This week, Paul & Eli take a look back on the life, the work and the ice cream of everyone's favourite actor, Grumpy Sessions. Over the course of this deeply heart-warming episode, you will hear from the man himself, reflecting on his career and his body of work. You'll also hear from some of those people most close to him throughout his life. Their anecdotes will delight and inspire us all. They'll also be a few opportunities to hear clips from some of Grumpy's most treasured roles! This Christmas (or whatever), join CheapShow for a fascinating and moving portrait of one of Britain's best kept secrets... Mr Grumpy Sessions.

The Cream of Acting!

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