Ep 133: The Crystal Mess

Special Guest: Ken Reid. Paul is fresh back from his trip to Los Angeles and has brought with him (not only) a bumper crop of American Cheap Eats, but also Boston-based stand up comedian, Ken Reid. Eli is treated to a kaleidoscope of flavour as he devours hot nuts, spicy sausage, chilli gummies, cheesy chips and gets an added Sauce Report in there too! Elsewhere in the show, Paul brings out the big guns for Gannon's Golden Games. After a long and hard search, Paul discovers The Crystal Maze board game, based on a famous 90s TV show, and pits Ken and Eli against each other in a crystal grabbing adventure through Industrial, Aztec, Medieval and Futuristic themed games. It's becomes a proper s***show! Follow us, Mumsie is awaiting you!

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