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Ep 93: The Car Boot Challenge 2

It's been a long time coming, but CheapShow is finally returning to a much loved format, and hoping not to cock it up a second time! The cheapshow chaps are escaping the confines of the House of Pickles and venturing out into the "real world" to take on a brand new Car Boot Challenge! This time, Paul & Eli are joined by fairweather co-host Ash Frith and his "associate" to see what treasure they can find amongst the trash. The Destination: Trumpington Park & Ride Car Boot Sale, just outside Cambridge. The Challenge: Find 3 "quality" items with a budget of only £10. The Game: It's Ash vs Eli with Paul judging the outcome! What will happen in this ALL BETS ARE OFF edition of the economy comedy podcast?
Warning: May Contain the word JUMBLE.

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