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Ep 54: An Acting Masterclass

CheapShow 54 aims its spotlight at the theatrical stage in an episode dedicated to the life and appalling acting talents of 19th century actor Robert Coates. But is Eli a worse actor? You can find out as Paul reads Eli another demented tale of low life larks. It's not just story time on CheapShow, the cheap chaps also present another "Mi Casa, Su Casa" segment which leaves both pretty offended and underwhelmed... And we jump into another pile of vile vinyl in "Silverman's Platter" that takes in a tour of 80's novelty music, a Cabbage Patch Dolls concept album and the jaunty tunes of one of the UK's most racist 70's comedians. Oh what fun!

Eli Pod Space
Cabbage Patch_edited
Cabbage Back_edited
Party Hits_edited
John Kettley is a Weather man
Robert Coates
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