Ep 123: Episode 46: Dark Tower

In this week's episode Paul and Eli discover <FZZZZT> Incoming Transmission <ERROR> ...Our last ever episode will <ALT DIM 2569> It's another episode of the economy comedy podcast! <ERROR> This week, Gannon and Biffo once again look at a strange book called <EDIT> which will get you clenching! <FZZZT> ..and in another Gannon's Golden Games, we investigate "Dark Tower" and ponder, "Is this the best Charity Shop Find ever on CheapShow?" <DARK TOWER> ...As well geriatric erotica, hiding amongst wax works and how your anus can help you be happy! <RETURN TO ALT DIM 001 PRIME>
With special thanks to Rich Wentworth and The Hadron Gospel Hour Podcast 


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