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Ep 41 Live @ The Bill Murray with Ashens

Live! From The Bill Murray in London, Paul & Eli present a reasonably special episode of CheapShow with Mr Special Guest himself, Stuart Ashen!
In another typically low rent, omnishambles episode, the Cheap Chaps deliver a solid collection of bric-a-brac, lousy tat and grimy snacks! Eli gets dissed by Paul in an epic slamdown... if only the music cue worked! The audience foist some lovely presents upon the hosts. Stuart regrets every minute and Paul and Eli have quite a few "falling outs"!
So, you know, the usual, only this time... LIVE!
Thanks to The Bill Murray Pub and Angel Comedy for having us!
@angelcomedy @billmurraypub

A Short Video About Beetle Eating...
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