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Ep 16: 80s Flashback

We're going back, unintentionally, to the 1980s!

We finally get around to talking about their new year's celebrations... Celebrations that involve feeling very old and diving out the way of rogue fireworks!

The lads search Ebay for the weirdest online bargains - Everything from male chastity belts to vintage Playboy magazine... and discover how they use food during sexy times.

Ash Frith returns to carry on talking about who bequeathed what to whom.

In our regular game "The Price of Shite", its all gets very 80s when Eli pulls out his cassette decks and mix tapes

And finally, in the ultimate act of UK 80's nostalgia, Paul and Eli battle to the death... on a boardgame based on 80s TV hit "Bullseye".

Who will win? Do you really care? Find out in the latest "CheapShow"

Bonus Vid: Paul & Eli's Prize Board
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