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Ep 311: The Podcast Authority Bureau Assessment

As the year trundles to an end, there is a little bit of business Paul and Eli need to clear up before next week’s depressingly annual office Christmas party. Unfortunately for CheapShow, the newly established Podcast Authority Bureau are demanding answers and it’s up to the Cheap Chaps to take a mini deep dive into their own history to fill in a few gaps in the P.A.B’s database.  It’s common knowledge that Paul and Eli are unorganized cretins, so how are they going to come up with the answers when they can’t remember what p’twing happened when and what was an off-brand item, and which one was on-brand? Luckily, they receive an email from someone who had a lot of time on their hands. With a little help, Paul and Eli may get all the answers they’ll ever needed. If they can keep their s*** together that is, which may be a problem as Paul is ill and Eli is exhausted and delirious.

With MASSIVE thanks to Samu Jantti for their amazing work collating all this information!

Price of Shite
Off Brand
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