Ep 117: Tat Hunt: East Finchley

Something a little different this week as we launch "Tat Hunt". This is Part One of a Two Part series where Eli and Paul pick a place in the UK to hunt for charity shop treasure, gather their wares and then prepare them for next week's reveal! So, because Paul & Eli are lazy, they went someone close in location and close to their heart... East Finchley in North London. A place they both lived at one point, and also at their darkest hours. Will Paul & Eli regret returning? Let's find out! Listen as Eli and Paul take their £10 budget and use it buy some class tat, avoid nosey teenagers, hold their breaths in a very smelly place and apologise profusely for Eli's inability to work a microphone (Genuinely sorry for his loudness. Eli is practically eating his mic!).

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