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CheapShow 300 Show Info


So, it's NEARLY show time!, and as we get closer to the date of the show, we wanted to put a page together with, hopefully, as much information as we can to help anyone who is coming to the live show... or is still considering it.


It's been announced that there are going to be National Rail Strikes on the day of our show (Information here!)- AUG 13th. Which is just bloody perfect! We understand if this effects your ability to get to the live show on the night, however, if you are still willing to come, we'll make sure your efforts are worth it!

Below, we've put a list of links to help you get to the venue on the day. Obviously, travel in London is still doable with most of the underground in action and bus routes are going to be business as usual. These are dependable and get you  close to easy walking distance to the venue - There are links further down this page to help you get the information you need. Also, there will be Uber and taxi services available if push comes to shove.

ALSO - if you are looking for a car share situation with other travelling CheapShow fans, if you copy us in on Twitter (@thecheapshowpod) we'll share the request - whether that's a request to look for a lift OR you are offering a lift. HOWEVER, please DO NOT go with a complete stranger or someone who aren't familiar with and try to travel with a group car share rather than on your own. Your safety is worth more to us than your ability to get to the show. Make safe plans, DON'T take risks!

If you are travelling into London on the 13th, instead of train, consider these coach companies - they are cheaper, usually guarantees you a seat (unlike train) BUT they will be longer, possibly less comfortable trips... but they wiLL operate 24 hours in and out of Victoria Coach Station!

National Express


Mega Bus

Get in touch if you have any futher questions.... but make sure the rest of the information below doesn't already answer your questions before getting in touch via email!

GOOD LUCK.. Now on with the rest of the Live Show information..!

This is the first proper CheapShow Live show in 4 years and we're both excited and kinda petrified about it. We just hope that, if you come, you get your monies worth. We certainly have some surprises in store!

Recently, we found out that Coldplay is playing at Wembley on the same night as CheapShow. Yet another reason to hate them! However, as a result of this, hotels in the area, and some parts of Harrow (like the Harrow Travelodge) are inflating prices to capitalise on this event. Which makes local places to stay too costly for some coming from outside of London. We obviously hate this, because we don't there to be reasons for anyone not to come, so below on this page, you'll find links to other hotel chains and a suggestion of nearby areas to investigate for cheaper alternatives. If we get more suggestions and extra info, we will update this page accordingly!


If you have any questions, that aren't answered here and can't be answered by the venue itself, please email us a 

Most of what is written below has been handed over to us by Paul Rose/Mr Biffo to help with CheapShow Live 300, so we want to thank him and Sanja for the work they put into sourcing this information. It's helped considerably.

Eli and I are genuinely keen to put on a damned good show that will have everything you expect of the podcast, but with a few weird surprises in our back pocket to make it unique to a live show. It will be a beautiful calamity.

Also: lots of very strong language - so bear that in mind too!


Right, lets get on with the information! 

Saturday August 13th at 8pm!

The doors to the Elliot Hall will open at 7pm, ready for the show to start at 8pm

Well, Paul (me) and Eli, that's probably very likely. We will have a load of guests to come on stage and put up with our sickness, but at this time we can both confirm Stuart Ashen and Mr Biffo (Paul Rose) are going to be there. They've promised us and everything! As we know more on the guest front, we will update the page!
Due to the strong language and adult content, we recommend the show is for guests aged 16+.


We are aiming NOT to run over, this is so that we have chance to meet and greet after AND to give people plenty of time to get trains/buses etc before it gets too late!

Harrow Arts Centre,
171 Uxbridge Road,
Hatch End,

The Show will be at the main Elliot Hall (Same as Digitiser Live 2.0)
If you have any questions about the venue, please contact them:

020 3773 7161



You can purchase tickets directly from Harrow Arts Centre (and if you are a Patreon supporter, remember to put the discount code in at checkout for your discounted ticket!) on their website:

The standard ticket price is:


If you are unable to make the event, we are unable to offer refunds, that is dealt with directly by Harrow Arts Centre and it's at their discretion. Refunds will only be offered if the show has to be cancelled. If we are required to postpone, tickets will be transferred to a future date. 

We’ve got all the backstage crew we need at the moment, but if that changes and we need volunteers, we’ll put out the call.

We'll be out after the show to meet and greet as many as we can, but no one bar invited guests on the show will be allowed backstage at any time.


If you think you can help with accommodation or advice on travel etc etc, please email and we can add that info to this page!

The bar will be open before, during and after the show. 

We are doing a show "kinda" without an interval. There will be a video segment that splits the show in two, but it won't be too long. Basically, if you want a drink during the show, or need to go to the toilets, you can do so throughout the performance. Just remember to be quiet and respectful to those around you as you come and go!

Before the show there’s a Morrison’s supermarket right next door for sandwiches and whatnot. They also have a café.
A short walk will take you into Hatch End, which has a whole host of restaurants and a pub. 


We're still working that out, but it will go live on YouTube around the time of the podcast version of the show is released in September! Half of the show may ONLY be available in the YT version, but that's still up in the air.


Harrow Arts Centre is a certified Covid secure venue. There are several new measures put into place on site to ensure that the possibility of transmission of Covid-19 is reduced as much as possible. 

These include:

• Sanitising cleaning measures
• It is suggested that all visitors wear a face covering when visiting
• Weekly fogging
• The implementation of hand sanitiser stations at entry & exit points

We are aware that for many of you, travelling to an event like this might be stressful and anxiety-inducing. Rest assured, the CheapShow community is incredibly warm, diverse, and welcoming. Everyone who ever attended a Digi Live Show have remarked on what a lovely atmosphere it was. We aim to make it a fun experience for everyone.

London can be an intimidating place for those who aren't used to it, but Harrow Arts Centre is in a quiet, leafy suburb right on the fringes of London.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to anyone who fails to respect the personal space, beliefs, and views of others. Respect the choice of those who take additional Covid precautions. Harassing, disorderly, or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Anyone finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk or who become aware of an attendee not in compliance with this policy should immediately locate the nearest member of security or staff.

Generally, just be respectful. You’ll be ejected from the venue and banned from all future CheapShow events if you fail to do so.
The show won't be a flashy affair with basic stage lighting and some video segments. We're aiming to keep it simple (at least for Part One) We’ve done what we can to consider those with photosensitive epilepsy, and are confident the show will be safe for most people. However, with any live event featuring lighting, video, and music, we just want to put a minor warning out to those who may be sensitive to these issues.

Harrow Arts Centre is easily accessible by car and various methods of public transport. 

Harrow Arts Centre
Uxbridge Road
Hatch End

The H14 and H12 stop directly outside Harrow Arts Centre. The 182 stops at Oxhey Lane, a 4-minute walk away.
Plan your journey with TFL Journey Planner

Harrow Arts Centre is easily accessible via the A410 – Uxbridge Road.
Get directions to HA5 4EA on Google Maps

There is free level parking for 90 cars at Harrow Arts Centre. Free overflow parking is available at the adjacent Morrisons car park. On performance nights, the Morrisons overflow car park will not be locked.

London Overground Trains run directly from London Euston to Hatch End in 40 minutes, and the line directly links to Willesden Junction and Watford Junction. Harrow Arts Centre is a 6-minute walk from Hatch End Overground Station
Plan your journey with TFL Journey Planner

The nearest London Underground stations are Harrow on the Hill or Pinner (Metropolitan Line), Harrow & Wealdstone (Bakerloo Line), Stanmore (Jubilee Line). Bus routes are available from all of these station to Harrow Arts Centre with an approximate journey time of 30-minutes.
Plan your journey with TFL Journey Planner

Coaches can drop off passengers at the front entrance of Harrow Arts Centre using the service road between HAC at Morrisons. Unfortunately, we do not have any coach parking available on site.


As mentioned at the start, venues close to Wembley and in parts of Harrow are inflating prices. Hopefully the links below can help you find the right place to stay and encourage you to come along to the show.

With accommodation and travel, it's best to get things sorted in advance to help keep costs low - but if you decide to come at the last minute, try checking this page for additional information closer to the show date!

Below are some links to nearby places to stay, but we've been recommended nearby areas:

Hemel Hempstead - not too far by car (25 mins) and rooms for around £50 and is on the overland line to Hatch End!

Lancaster Hotel & Spa - About £60 a night and 7 miles away (for Car, Cab or Uber)

Premier Inns have some rooms in Hayes for under £50 quid for the Friday night. Nearby RickmansworthCroxley GreenElstreeBorehamwood Premier Inns also worth exploring, as is Edgeware...

It's also worth checking out Northampton & Milton Keynes are all viable locations for accommodation if you book cheap rail in advance.

Watford Junction Holiday Inn (Possibly "Express") only 10 mins away from the venue on the Overground, and train runs till around midnight.

There's a Travelodge in central Harrow, and a Premier Inn in nearby Kenton.

Both are a brief bus or cab journey from the venue.


Use these links if you need to search for locations a little further afield (as suggested above)

Other hotels in the area can be found 

Another option would be to stay in Watford, as there's a direct train which is just a few stops from Hatch End station, and obviously you'll be near the mainline Watford Junction. And then you really won't be in London. 


There is also AirBnB as an option! Obviously, with AirBnB, you need to make sure the place is safe and convenient. Check all the details for the property and read reviews before you commit to using their services.

Harrow Arts Centre has excellent access for all users.

There are ramps and lifts to all areas with adapted WCs throughout the centre, reserved disabled parking close to the building, and a lowered counter at the Box Office. 

Seeing and hearing dogs are welcome, and water can be provided for all assistance dogs. An induction loop system is available at Elliot Hall.

To enhance your safety and to comply with fire regulations, we request that wheelchair-users are accompanied by a friend or companion.

For some of you, this will be your first time out in a crowd since Covid happened. We're aware that some of you with tickets don't feel it's yet safe enough to attend, and we totally respect that. It's a personal decision we all have to take. 

We hope as many of you as possible will join us. It's going to be an amazing day.

If any links on this page don't work, please let us know!

If you've got any additional questions, please email us or the venue.

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