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Ep 71: Death to Don't Get Mad!

This HAS to be the last time we do this, right? It can't still be popular? It's just two guys having mental meltdowns! However, you demanded it and so here it is. It's back... The dreaded "Don't Get Mad" game returns in all its horrific glory and we are pretty sure this is the final one. Possibly.
Before all that though, why not take in the lovely sounds of Paul & Eli discussing all things tat and terrific!
In episode 71, Paul gets all musical, Eli gives you some top tips on how to approach him if you ever see him DJing and Paul tells a tale of stumbling into a crime scene!
There is also a new Cheap Eats that's been sourced from Eli's recent trip to America. It involves something Paul thinks is rancid nastiness and Eli thinks is proper tasty. Oh those CheapShow Chaps!
So get ready, strap in and hold tight... this one gets ugly!

Spice Drops
Iberia Chicken Sausage
Wet Sausage
Docs Diner
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