Ep 120: Leaving Mount Grotpants

"Ello, ello, ello! What's all this then?" In this week's economy comedy podcast, Paul & Eli play as Cops & Robbers in a shabby, confusing race through the streets of London... Kinda! It's another Gannon's Golden Games segment as they get to grips with the classic chase game "Scotland Yard". There is also a bumper edition of Silverman's Platter which contains an energy saving anthem, a sickly ballad sung by a green duck, a monkey calypso and an 80s Saturday Morning TV show's crack at the music charts. It's quite packed... And that's without the fact we discover "knock off" copies of our famous CheapShow characters, discuss a rather meaty topic in Tales from The Dancefloor and a quick dash of Shop floor story antics.  Enjoy!

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