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Ep 75: Mr Biffo Plays His Carts Right

Paul Rose, Mr Biffo himself, returns in Part Two of this epic clusterfuck of an episode! It's packed with delights, shocks, rants, jokes and highly disturbing imagery! Just what you crave. Keith the Mummified Mole returns to cause more stomach churning moments and Eli may be getting a little TOO attached to it. Mr Biffo shares with us his memories of early gaming romances, childhood shoplifting and a truly awful Bruce Forsyth impression. Finally, Gannon tries to craft his own "Platter" involving 90s pop music and Nintendo gaming, but quickly gets side tracked by Dale Winton... and his one attempt at building an exciting new game for the show ends in possibly one of the most disgusting finales CheapShow has ever seen... well... heard! Hold on tight, this one gets messy!

Donkey Kong
Star Wars Arcade
Links Awakening
Billy Mitchell's Hot Sauce
Dead Keith One
Game Boy SP
Game Boy Games 01
Game Boy Games 03
Game Boy Games 02
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