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The Specials

Every now and then on CheapShow, we like to throw convention out of the window and do something a little different... Whether that's an "Outside Broadcast" from a festival, a spooky horror show, a Christmas special or even a  gimmicky game show... We try and keep things amusing for us... So on this page we have compiled a collection of some of our more "unique" episodes for your delictation! Enjoy these curios!

Ep 12: Wet Hot Latitude Summer

In episode 8 of Cheap Show, Eli and Paul reminisce about their recent adventure at Latitude Festival and play clips from their time there with the hope to remember just what exactly happened.

They argue over who forgot to bring the right props, the quality of food served at the festivals, the price of said food, the incredible heat, climbing trees when drunk, losing mobile phones, being inches away from dangling penises, the state of festival toilets, carefully constructing sentences, the marvels of technology, wi-fi hotspots and much much less...

It bears mentioning that NOT ONCE do they talk about the cultural aspects of one of the UK's greatest music and arts festivals. It was THAT kind of festival.

Ep 14: The CheapShow CreepShow

In this spooky Halloween episode Paul and Eli find themselves staying over night in Ravens Point Manor, owned by the mysterious Bobby Bollocks!

Can they survive the night?

Before the night is over, they will meet a strange old man with a room full of curious, discover a cassette tape from Hell, try out some disgusting Trick or Treat candy, hear a mysterious message from beyond the grave (Ash Frith), hear some useful facts about funerals and ultimately one of them will find a gruesome end!

Join us for a night of terror - and maybe a few cheap gags!

Err.. BOO!

Guests: Hadron Gospel Hour Podcast and Ash Frith

Ep 14: The Xmas Christmas Special

It's the day before Xmas, and Paul and Eli have forgotten one small important thing... PRESENTS!

To right this wrong and make sure consumerism is returned to the heart of Christmas, the boys race out into the snowy London streets to look for that extra special gift!

In this dramatic/comedic/pathetic production, Paul and Eli will deal with owning a randy cat, discover how drunk Eli gets based on his biscuit choice, find a curious little shop full of odd nic-naks, dine with a family poorer than Tiny Tim' and eventually discover a demonic toy and a one way trip to the North Pole... They MAY even meet the real (YES REAL!) Santa Claus!

So let us amuse you this Xmas with a bit of CheapShow magic!

Ep 20: The Play Your Cards Right Blankety Game Show

Paul & Eli bring their love of Game Shows and Light Entertainment to it's natural conclusion in this very special nostalgic battle royale.

There can be only one winner and losing any rounds will carry horrific consequences!

In our 20th episode spectacular the CheapShow Chaps take on 3 of UK TV's most popular 80's Game Shows. They try to read each other's minds playing Blankety Blank, guess what 100 people thought in Play Your Cards Right and use their bargain hunting skills in a few rounds of The Price of Right.

To the winner, the spoils. 
To the loser, its a gamble on the infamous Jelly Belly Beanboozled candy. A fate worse than death!

Ep 20: The Play Your Cards Right Blankety Game Show

The "Visual" Podcast Edition

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