Ep 181: Winkie: The Untold Story

It's the greatest story NEVER told... Until Now! To celebrate CheapShow's 5th Birthday, Eli and Paul present a very special (and very long) edition of the economy comedy podcast. It's the "as-complete-as-we-can-tell-it" tale of the failed attempt to market a piece of wearable technology, a mysterious nightclub owner with big ideas, the lives of 12 strangers taking part in a 6 month endurance competition, an obscure piece of French pop and the two idiotic podcast hosts who try to piece it all together. What was "Winkie"? Well, it's time to tell The Untold Story... Strap In!

With BIG thanks to Jeff Olan, Penny Floyd, Laurent De Gasperis for agreeing to chat with us for the show and to Ken Reid and Mark Crosby for their contributions to the episode.
Podcast Art @Vorratony

WInkie: The Pop Video (1985)

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