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Ep 50: The Big Fat Power Bottom Epic Special Deluxe

This is it! This is the big one! Our BIGGEST one yet! To celebrate somehow reaching episode 50, we have gone big AND we've gone home. Back to the House of Pickles to record this mammoth pointless milestone of an episode!
We are joined on this special occasion by two very special guests. Ash Frith comes out from behind a phone line to join us face to face and he is accompanied by Richard Sandling, who was there at the very beginning when CheapShow was stupidly called The Uncliqueables.
So how are we stuffing this episode? Well...
Paul & Eli tackle your questions in a bumper #AskCheapShow segment that quickly goes off the rails and causes some mathematical confusion in the process. This also gives everyone the chance to look back over the past 49 podcasts. There is a mind blowing "Tales From The Dancefloor" that questions reality in more ways than one. We revisit Paul's "FrothShop" for more cheap eats from Gannon's fictional candy emporium. We revisit "Bobby's" branded snacks and take on their range of budget maize crisps. The results are quite surprising... especially Paul's new "FrothShop" voice. 
We play another bargain board game based on a TV show format with Noel Edmonds' "Telly Addicts" which annoys Eli, upsets Ash and throw Richard for a loop. There is also time for "Silverman's Platter" where he delivers two odd musical curios, one which puts us back in Eurovisionland and one that makes us want to die inside. And as an aside, Richard brings along a very rare VHS. Finally, CheapShow delivers the most ultimate "Price of Shite" ever. It's full of shocks, surprises, twists and also features possibly THE most awesome/awful piece of charity shop shite ever seen on the show. It's one that the charity shop itself thought it would never sell! The outcome will SHOCK you.
We also get a few hellos from past CheapShow guests... some who were less keen to come back then others, albeit very briefly!
So download, relax and enjoy the biggest Power Bottom of a podcast CheapShow has done to date... Warning: Contains added Noel Edmonds. Who is now our enemy. But why...?
(With HUGE thanks to David Milner for his brilliant new CheapShow introduction theme!)

Group Shot
Awkward Selfie
Eli On Mic
Telly Addicts Board Game
The Muppet Movie VHS_edited
Dschinghis Khan
Big Cheesy Poof
PoS 02
Bobbys Crisps
PoS 03
PoS 01
Back of Plate
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