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Ep 17: Batman's Anger Management

Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman. Batman and Robin too... It's another CheapShow podcast with Paul Gannon & Eil Silverman!

This week, the chaps discover the story of a fan made Batcave made on a budget of £100... And then fall down a superhero rabbit hole and Eli makes a rude confession!
Ash Frith talks video game conspiracy theories and in Cheap Eat, Eli and Paul stick a load more weird food in their gobs. Will the Jellyman defeat them?

The Price of Shite contains egg shapers, comedian Top Trumps and some more added Batman and it all gets a little 8-Bit.
Finally, Eli decides to role play a few anger management scenarios with Paul... It does NOT go well.
Listen now on this very page and give you eyes something to do by looking at the pictures below that accompany this episode.
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