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Ep 73: Grandma Love's Dirty Garden

Puppets! Those cuddly, friendly creatures that help us learn a valuable lesson or give us a proper chuckle. In this episode of CheapShow, Paul & Eli discover a rage unheard of when one particular puppet angers them whilst watching "Don't Make That Trash"! You can (almost) listen along with them as they provide the commentary for another vexxing video.
However, before we can get to all that, why not find out what a podcast sounds like when the hosts have been talking nonstop for 5 hours and have one more episode to record? You will hear random mad noises, find out what delightful gifts Paul & Eli have given each other with a new "Mi Casa, Su Casa" and see how quickly the quaint and polite new "Antiques CheapShow" boils over in to a rant fest!
The economy comedy podcast is here to save the world, one bargain at a time!

Lolly Sponge
Bubble Matic
jetsons car
TV Cream Toys
Tape 2 Go
Granny Love
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