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Ep 76: Hit The Moog

You want Moog? Oh boy, do we have Moog for you! Silverman's Platter goes all electronically wibbly wobbly this week with some joyous and also frankly demented music. Fairweather co-host Ash Frith joins Paul and Eli for a show that covers all he usual bases. Want to know what Eli thinks about sloppy noodles, wasps and what he once found in his poop? Well, you can find out in an "old skool" #AskSilverman and instantly regret asking. There is also a "classic" Price of Shite with Paul in control of the cheap tat... Will he finally get the upper hand on Eli? Find out!

Splitz Tell Addicts 1
Splitz Telly Addicts 2
Sonic Spork
Nice Tie
Claude Sleeve
Claude Denjean
Claude Disc
Walter Carlos
Walter Disc
Evil Keith
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