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Ep 92: Without A Cluedo

There has been a murder at Tudor Mansion! Who was it? Where was the crime committed and with what object? If that all sounds familiar, then that's because it's Cluedo, innit? In this latest episode of CheapShow, Gannon gets another Golden Game to add to his collection, and this isn't any old Cluedo! No. This is Cluedo SFX!! Which means it's fancy. Who will win? The answer maybe slightly anti-climatic. Also, it went on for AGES, so be prepared for a few artistic edits! Elsewhere in this economy comedy podcast, Eli brings you a disco hit from the DEVIL, we hear a range of "music" from 80s DJ Steve Wright and dive headfirst into a long anticipated "Off Brand/Brand Off". Topic: Biscuits. It's pretty hardcore round here, mate!

So relax, unwind and enjoy the sounds of 2 middle aged men shouting at each other. You deserve it.

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