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CheapShow TV 2020 Part Two

Tonight on CheapShow TV:
5pm: Detective Biscuits
Detective Jimmy Biscuits is up to his neck in trouble this week when his Boss demands results and his wife is kidnapped by Mr Big!

6pm: CHEAPSHOW TV 2020 Part Two
(Main Feature)
Mr Biffo joins Paul and Eli for an another evening of TV Game Show, Board Game fun. This week, the chaps play Strike It Lucky, Britain's Got Talent and prepare themselves for a horrid Double Dare Jelly Bean finale!

7pm: Exploring The Actor's Cube

Graham Tractor speaks to another actor about their career timeline.

8pm: Around The World In 80 Plops
Madam Ladyplops and Squishy JIm take us to another popular holiday destination for more fecal squelchings.

9pm: Gaffs

Another rich and famous celebrity opens their doors and allows us around their "gaff" to see how they live and work.

10pm Programme Ends

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