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Ep 57: Spirit Squad

Let's get spooky! It's another Halloween special at CheapShow HQ and you're all invited along for another episode filled with ghosts, games and grumpy old men.
It starts out typically rocky, as Paul & Eli have a very early blow out over Eli's silly voices, but things become a little more steady as the cheap chaps play a ghoulish edition of "The Price of Shite 2.0". Later, we play "Trick or Treat" as we mix Halloween candy with scary musical choices from Silverman's Platter. Paul also gets to show off his knowledge of the supernatural by listening to some truly spooky EVPs and plays a few audio anomalies of his own!
Finally, CheapShow delivers something truly novel... A scripted horror comedy adventure! Ever wanted to know what it would be like if Eli and Paul were proper Ghostbusters? Well, you can now find out with their special audio play "Spirit Squad"
It's a bumper spooky CheapShow... Enjoy it. If You Dare!!!

With thanks to Ash Frith, Paul Rose (Mr Biffo) & Richard Wentworth (From The Hadron Gospel Hour podcast)!

Pink Snake
Ghost Light
Magic Fingers
Cliffhanger Board_edited
Breakthrough EVP Side A
Breakthrough EVP Side B
Fizzy Bugs_edited
Choc Coins_edited
Vamps Ghouls and Cowboys_edited
Black Cat Choc_edited
Screaming Lord Such_edited
Psychic and Science Team
EVP: BreakThrough Vinyl (Full)
Paul Gannon: A Real Ghost Buster
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