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Ep 56: Go For Broke

What a lovely episode 56 turned out to be! Not a single raised voice, not one moment of anger... nothing. At no point does Eli completely lose his mind and start talking utter random crap. There is never a moment when Paul nearly explodes with anger after Eli purposefully fixes a game. Even when the chaps play MB Games retro classic "Go For Broke" is there ever a time when Eli rubs a small victory in Paul's face or Paul gloats as a poor winner. No. This was a lovely show. One you can play to your parents or youngest, most impressionable children... Or just hedge your bets that "maybe" this is another tsunami of anger, bad language, laughs and petty duels to the death... It is CheapShow after all, the Bric-a-Brac podcast just for you!

Masked Man
Peanut M&Ms_edited
Cliffhanger Board_edited
Eye Pad_edited
Treasure Chest
Toy Dog 01
Go For Broke
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