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Cheap Show: WTF?

CheapShow is an anarchic comedy podcast celebrating the best of the cheap and cheerful. It’s a mix of stand up, chat show and twisted games and challenges all based around the hunt for long lost treasures or bargain basement deals.


There is nothing amusing about austerity, but CheapShow aims to find the humour in amongst the bric-a-brac of charity shops, junk sales and Poundlands of the UK.


It’s a unique, crazed podcast with a rowdy, scatological and sometimes surreal energy.


The show is hosted by 2 comedians who specialise in storytelling, performance and improvised stand up, so each episode feels fun, fresh and chaotic.



Paul Gannon is the host and producer of Cheap Show. He is a radio producer and presenter and has worked for LBC, TalkRadio, BBC London and BBC 5 Live as well as Times Radio. He has been writing, producing and performing comedy and radio shows for 10 years and created the pop culture comedy show The Geekatorium, which has been highly recommended by Time Out, The Independent and The Guardian and has featured some of the UK and US’s very best comedy talent. His solo show “A Real Ghost Buster” managed to achieve 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe. He is strangely proud of that. 
(**** Broadway Baby)


Eli Silverman is the feral co-host of CheapShow. With his distinct world weary and aggressive brand of comedy. Eli is a stand up and comic actor who works in films and adverts and was the co-host of the cult show “Universal Genius” with Mark Allen. where he plays an angry, grubby, Columbo-esque stooge on the successful fringe comedy panel show… It’s reasonably similar to his role in CheapShow now that we think about it. He is also an actor and writer and recently won plenty of acclaim with his short film "Clankerman" with numerous awards and positive reviews.


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Cheap Show – The Economy Comedy Podcast about everything and especially nothing.


For more information contact Paul Gannon on:


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