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Ep 190: The Urinevision Song Contest 2020"

It's been 6 months in the making, features our biggest cast of characters, has the most special guest appearances and is packed with 13 great songs created by the CheapShow audience... But only one those songs can win The Urinevision Song Contest 2020! Who will win? How many of the judges will get the scoring right? Which song is the most demented and what exactly IS going on in the green room? To find out, listen to this week's episode of the world's best/most distressing economy comedy podcast!


With thanks to contributors:

Sauce Life – Morgan Keating (01:16)

Shaking My Ass - Dancing Faders aka Alex Wells (03:57)

Copy Paste, Love Hate – LJ Goody (02:44)

Ptwing – Chris Weatherill (01:20)

Peak Meatus – Brody Mossman (01:02)

Waltz of the Coloured Blocks – Seth Seabolt (01:36)

The Cheese Moments Debacle – Conor Howard (01:12)

Robot Mind – Dylan Brinkley (00:50)

The Dance of the Flatulent Beast – Elodie Cunningham (00:54)

The Feeling When Noodles Hit Late At Night – Pumpkin Head (01:02)

That Magic Touch – Chris Easton (01:38)

Fruit Salad – Paul Byrne (01:16)

The Jerk – Travis Tee (01:02)

And with thanks to our special guest judges:

Nick Helm, Mr Biffo, Stuart Ashen, Larry Bundy Jr, Sooz Kempner, Brian Wecht, Octavious King, Jenny Zigrino, Richard Sandling, Damien St John, Ben Baker, Ethan Lawrence & Rhianan MacDonald!

Urinevision 02

Urinevision 02

UrineVision 01

UrineVision 01

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