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Ep 88: The History of the Noel: Part Two

Enough is enough! We have to end this relationship with Noel Edmonds, one way or the other... and it's not going to be pretty! Paul and Eli finally lift the flaps of Britain's most infamous and cuddly light entertainer's private life and get stuck into some of the more untoward parts of his career. Hopefully we may never need travel back to Crinkly Bottom again. However, it's not all Noel talk this week, in fact you get a healthy dose of regular CheapShow content for your troubles. We are promised some "pet corpse" stories and BOY do we get some. Paul gives himself over to Jimmy Biscuits and pays the price. Eli reveals something shocking that could ruin the cheap eats section of the show forever and a slanderous theory is put forward as Eli gets off on Noel's balls.
It's the usual podcast oddness!

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