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Ep 78: Mouth Grumbles

Who is Jimmy Biscuits? Well, whoever he is, Eli is NOT impressed by his appearance. Paul may be TOO impressed. It's a big, fat chunky episode of the world's only (probably) economy comedy podcast. We have a show packed with Tales from the Shop Floor, Eli's Top Three, Cheap Eats and we even cram in a board game too. If you wanted to know what the best kind of cheap Bombay Mix is, what Iced Tea to wash it down with and what happens when an out of date candy is bitten in to... Well, you have come to the right place. The Cheap Chaps also get the journalism bug when they play a 1950's board game called "Scoop" which is packed with drama, laughs and the shock of discovering old fashioned racist advertising campaigns! It was a different time. Apparently!

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