Ep 119: Bone Hoover

We were warned there were more stories to tell. We knew it wasn't over. We were promised something more bizarre than The Brookeside Tiger... and we think we got it, whether we like it or not! With thanks to @VGBasementUK we've got another delightful/terrifying tale from the mind of "Derek" and this one, for reasons you will soon find out, we've called "The Bone Hoover". Elsewhere in CheapShowVille, we take on the 3rd most popular "packaged crisps" in the UK: McCoys and we wrap the segment up with a extra fiery finale. Along the way, discover new "committees" forming within CSHQ, find out what made Paul nearly barf and gasp as we learn the truth behind Mr. Benn. Get comfy, this is a long one!

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