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Ep 85: Fun City

Do you wanna have a bit of fun? Shall we have a bit of fun? OK. Let's do it! In episode 85 Paul & Eli bend over backwards to have a super duper fun time and YOU can join us. How much fun is there? Lots. We have super fun pretending to be hard bitten detectives when a Tales from the Shop Floor inspires the cheap chaps to go overboard on the over acting. There is a even a wicked fun Price of Shite that manages to cram in TWO completely different versions of the game. That's fun, isn't it? Yes. Yes it is. But the fun doesn't stop there. Hell no! We end the show by taking a trip to "Fun City" a retro board game that demands Eli and Paul have as much fun as humanly possible... but don't forget to help the old lady cross the road!! What does that mean? Well why don't you listen to this FUN episode of CheapShow and find out? Fun. Fun! FUN!!!

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